9 things to bring on your next thrift shopping spree. 

9 things to bring on your next thrift shopping spree. 

Summer is among us with ample free time to thrift shop for those fashion brands you've thought about often. Circle the date of your next thrift shopping spree, wear clothes that you can change easily when the date arrives, and follow this guide on what to bring to the thrift for the most optimal shopping experience. Thrifters from around the world — you're welcome!

1. Light Lunch or Snack

If you plan on spending majority of the day at the thrift store, then be sure to pack a small lunch or carry a bag of chips that you can leave in the car and quickly eat. I remember so many times when I just got into my shopping flow, only to leave and never come back because I was hungry. 

2. Smart Device

You can readily search Grailed, eBay, and more that I've listed in my previous guide "How to find high-fashion and streetwear at the thrift" for the current asking price (value) of fashion brands you come across on the rack.

3. Music Playlist

I'll be the first to admit that thrift store music sucks. Shop in peace or upbeat by creating a playlist of your favorite music to set your shopping mood.

apple music

4. Cash Only

Shopping with a debit or credit card can get carried away very easily, and before you know it you're broke. Avoid an empty bank account from shopping and keep level-headed by setting a limit to the amount of cash you carry to the thrift store. I usually limit myself to $20-$50 per month.

5. Tape Measure

You can stop worrying about your thrift clothes not fitting and know exactly what size it is by using a tape measure. Do this only in the dressing room to avoid weird stares and overall embarrassment.

6. Bring a Friend

Use this advice with caution! Sometimes thrift shopping with a friend that knows your fashion taste can cut down your search time. However, a friend can get bored before you're ready to leave and disrupt your shopping flow.

macklemore thrift shop

7. Follow a Routine

Map out what primary sections you want to give the most attention to. First, I search the outerwear and shirt sections, then the sweaters, next the pants, and lastly, the jewelry display case for watches. Your routine might be different, but create one none the less to get in and out of the thrift store as quickly as possible.

8. Donate Clothes

Most thrift stores offer a 10%-30% discount when you donate your second hand clothing. This is very helpful when you're thrift shopping on a budget.

9. Tide to Go Pen

Finally found that thrift garment you were looking for, but it has a nasty stain and you're wondering if you should buy it? Well I have the best solution for you by using the Tide to Go stain releaser pen. It helps remove stains with a powerful cleaning solution that breaks stains down, and a micro-fiber pad that lifts and absorbs them. If the stain is removed, then proceed to the check out line with your newly found thrift garment in hand.

An explorer of men's fashion with inquisitive eyes, born and raised in Lakeview, Long Island. My inspiration comes from nature, city streets and the world wide web. Catch me in a local thrift/consignment store near you.

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