The beginning, chaos, and more through Perspectives Global streetwear.

The beginning, chaos, and more through Perspectives Global streetwear.

There's a brokenness in society. It's in the background: darkness, pain, and injustice, a set of perspectives we fail to see. Perspectives Global, launched in 2012, is a streetwear brand bringing to light unseen social perspectives and ultimately hope found in Christianity. Brother duo Cody and Devon de Jardin created the streetwear brand with a vision of bringing people together to restore true justice within society. Music artists by the likes of Chris Brown, Kyle, and TakeOff of Migos have taken to Global Perspectives with great admiration for their high-quality pieces. Learn more about Global Perspectives in our exclusive interview with the brother duo.

Jonathan Mckinnon: You desire to show a perspective that is rooted in Christ's love for all. What was the deciding factor for a strong religious undertone, and does that hinder your ability to attract customers of a different faith?

Cody and Devon de Jardin: It is part of who we are. The purpose of the company is ultimately the purpose we have over our own lives. We are using the brand as a way to live that out.

We don’t think the religious undertones hinder to attract people from other faiths. The brand stands alone. All we are really doing is posing a perspective, and asking our customers to share theirs. The best part of owning this brand has been the conversations that have come with people of all different faiths, backgrounds, beliefs.

If someone doesn’t get or even care about the deeper meaning of the clothes, the products can still be admired for the design alone. We are just as intimate with our spirituality as we are with every product/visual we create. If a person is happy and content with just the products, we are happy. If they are looking for something deeper, we are also happy to explore that with them. 

Describe Perspectives process of highlighting the burdens, struggles, and pains that humans experience.

This was a mission that birthed the brand. Our logo joins together the letters “ER,” “EC," and “ES.” Our goal is to impact perspectives in Every Relationship we encounter, Every Collection we create, and through Every Story that we tell or share on our platform.

Perspectives Global
Perspectives Global
Perspectives Global

Every collection that is created is centered on an idea: The Beginning, Chaos, Storms, Identity, etc. From the smallest of details (photo-shoots, marketing verbiage, art, and videography) everything is being used to communicate a bigger, perhaps different perspective on the topic.

Whether it be a quick glance or in-depth analysis, Perspectives comfortable fit and well-cut characteristics are highly praised. Take us through the design process.

The design process begins with the story. What is the purpose of what do we want to communicate, and how can we best do that?

From there, our design team spends weeks going back and forth on designs until we feel we have what we want to release. We then look at it again in two weeks or so, once the majority of it has left our memory a little, and then we reevaluate the collection. The sampling process can be tedious, but we have learned the necessity of this time. All products are made or finished in either Los Angeles CA, or Portland, OR, where the brand was created.

Perspectives Global
Perspectives Global
Perspectives Global

Verses two and three follow the statement in verse one that assures the reader that, “God is our refuge and strength, and ever-present help in trouble.” Verses two and three pose important questions we believe are often left unasked.My favorite garment from 'The Chaos Collection' is The Chaos Story hoodie shot by photographer Ryan Barnett. What is the inspiration behind the collection and quotation on the back of The Chaos Story hoodie?

That text is actually a direct pull from Psalm 46:2-3. The whole collection was centered on the idea of chaos. Where does it come from? Where do we turn to in the midst of it? How do we bring order to it all? Verses two and three are the preceding thought to verse one that assures the reader that, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Verses two and three pose a question that I think is often left unasked.

Though the earth gives way. Though the mountains fall into the heart of the sea. Though its waters roar and foam. Though the mountains tremble at its swelling. This is Chaos.
— Psalm 46:2-3

The military parka from the collection, 'Chapter One: The Beginning', leaves a striking impression upon the viewer. When did this design project begin, and is there a release date?

The hand painted jacket by our lead designer, Devon DeJardin, is the first of what is to come this Holiday Season. We began testing this medium at the end of 2016 and are ready to bring the ready-to-wear versions of this concept to our community this Holiday. 

The 'New Future Jacket' collection has a clean aesthetic. What is the message behind the visual campaign and graphics on the jacket? 

The New Future Jacket was the second edition of our best selling Future Lite Jacket. We added an interior layer for warmth and kept similar elements to tie the two together. The jacket was released as a teaser to the Chaos Collection and told the struggle we as individuals go through living in this world surrounded by chaos, feeling lost, trying to discover order.

From the ashes we came. Into chaos we entered. Lost in this fantasy.
— Perspectives Global

Perspectives visual campaigns are phenomenal. What characteristics do you seek when sourcing a photographer, and is there a most memorable visual campaign to date?

We seek out photographers that can adapt to the aesthetic we hold, but put their own (for lack of better words) perspective on it. We are always looking for new ideas, interesting viewpoints, and photographers that are independent, but teachable. We love being able to connect creatively and work closely to communicate the stories in a unique way.

It might be impossible to pick our most memorable visual campaign. We have had incredible visuals from at least 10 photographers and there are gems from all lookbooks,  editorials, videos, etc. Take a look at the mixed media tab on our site to see some of our favorites!

A video that stands out to me is the 'Broken Sight' video we did about a year after starting the brand. The symbolism in that production sparked the motivation to continue pushing boundaries, forcing people to notice, and ultimately ask the question, “why?”

The 'This Hurts' necklace design is very appealing. Do plan on designing other types of necklaces in the near future?

The response to the necklace was awesome! Because of this, we are launching two other pieces of jewelry this holiday season.

Perspectives Global
Perspectives Global
Perspectives Global

The Perspectives Gravel Overcoat is indeed a perfect blend of an overcoat and cardigan made with heavy weight french terry fabric. Do you plan on rereleasing it this upcoming FW '17?

We loved that piece. To this day, it is still my personal favorite to wear! Unfortunately, we will not be bringing that piece back this fall, but believe me there are some incredible pieces coming out in both August and October.

When can we expect new Perspectives clothing, and are there any specific themes in the works

In addition to new designs being released in August and October, we are launching a single product in July that will touch on the story of not letting the world around us change who we are. The piece will symbolize not letting the things around us lead us to death, but rather to inspire us to bring dead places to life.

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