Levi Scott highlights his luxury accessories for the fashionable man.

Levi Scott highlights his luxury accessories for the fashionable man.

Men, if it's premium accessories you seek, then look no further as luxury brand Levi Scott has the answer. Created with a classic feel, and derived from the desire to innovate through a millennial mind, Levi Scott accessories have the splendor needed to represent the multi-facets of luxury. Fashion designer Levi Scott now based in Las Vegas, Nevada sat down with us to discuss his luxury brand and its unmatched quality.

Jonathan Mckinnon: Recount your journey into fashion design.

Levi Scott: I always wanted to participate in college sports, and it almost came into fruition until I had a string of bad concussions. I went through my post-high school summer with suicidal thoughts and severe depression. To be honest, my life at that moment was hazy/unfocused like television static noise. It took a while for me to come out of that funk by developing a mental mantra of "I am not done."

I soon enlisted in the military and took-up firefighting courses where I became an EMT. That was my profession for two years until I experienced workplace pressures and witnessed some really distasteful things for a lack of better words. I was 20 years old at the time and once again experienced emotional turbulence which left me detached from the relationship I had with my high school sweetheart. I then decided it was time to start anew, and wholeheartedly followed my mental mantra.

I moved from Oshkosh, Wisconsin to Orlando, Florida, and started a personal training business. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle became my outlet for everything I had dealt with in Wisconsin.  I slowly developed a passion for fashion through fitness — the catalyst being startup fashion brands with cool graphic tees. After a year of living in Orlando, I decided it was time to move back to Wisconsin in the pursuit of learning screen print, cut/sew, and graphic design. In 2015, I launched fashion brand Division Noir, and the following year I then launched Levi Scott, a luxury fashion brand that provides men's accessories.

Why did you use your name to represent the brand?

I learned during my creation of Division Noir that at the time it was representative of me. After a few years, even though I design all of my products, I felt the brand itself didn’t fully represent who I was anymore. The message behind that brand is being a black sheep, meaning you march to your own drum and do not follow the crowd. That remains a true core value of mine, but I also didn’t want to limit myself, and the name Levi Scott isn’t limited to anything. I will be what I want to be and do what I want to do. There is no stopping me.

Levi Scott Accessories
Levi Scott Accessories
Levi Scott Accessories

Are there any characteristics from Division Noir that can be seen in Levi Scott?

That’s a good question. I have never analyzed it in that way, but I fell into a groove with Division Noir. I think I started that brand trying to be what other brands were trying to be. After awhile I got more comfortable and designed from my own heart. I think Levi Scott started that way too. I knew that I wanted it to be luxury, so I designed minimalist and high end to try to “fit in” to the luxury category. But now I am redefining what luxury means. You will see a lot more of that in the Spring of 2018.

Name three prominent features of Levi Scott accessories.

Quality: We use only the best materials. French imported leathers, Burmese python grade one, rubber frames designed to be shock resistant, RFID blocking fabrics. Each piece also comes with a unique serial number. No two pieces are the same.

Personality: This isn’t something I got to show off a whole lot in my Spring 2017 run, aside from the ninja pack and ninja wallet. You will see a lot more “Levi” in Fall 2017.

Sustainability: I am working on more and more projects that will collaborate with non-profits to give back to our environment, the oceans, animal rescues etc. That is going to become a huge part of my cause in the next few years.

What types of leather do you like to use when designing?

Only the best! I love working with French imported leathers. Large grain Lichi, or smooth grain swift. Smooth grain leather is my favorite, but one of my new bi-fold wallet innovations coming up uses a lot of large grain. I also love python leather. You can see that in a large amount of my design.

Which city gives you the most creative inspiration: Oshkosh, Orlando, or Las Vegas? 

I would have to say Oshkosh. That’s where the most of my emotion has come from, and it will always be the city that raised me. I have a lot of people there hoping to see me fail as well, and that will always be a large motivation for me.

Levi Scott Accessories

The Ninja Pack and Bi-fold Wallet are perfect for the everyday minimalist. What led you to using a ninja theme for the collection?

This design is a good example of using the everyday things I see around me to inspire my design. The inspiration for this was a plush ninja toy in a claw machine. It took me about eight dollars in quarters to win it. I also won a SpongeBob. All of my designs have a story behind them, this is my favorite so far.

Levi Scott Accessories
Levi Scott Accessories

Take us through your vision for the next Levi Scott collection.

I can't reveal too much for the FW17 collection besides the fact that you'll see more "Levi." My vision for 2018 is to create from my own heart, don’t limit myself.

Do you have any other pending projects in the pipeline?

I'm going to release select women’s products soon. I'm extremely excited about that because I get to collaborate with my good friend Susannah Brittany who is my favorite artist in the world. No joke, keep an eye out!

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