Men Of Thrift is a startup online menswear publication and retail marketing agency.

Founded in 2013, Men Of Thrift collaborates with thrift stores and fashion brands to bridge the gap between high-fashion, streetwear, and second-hand culture, because we know the modern man mixes and matches to create his personal style.

With men's fashion influences spanning global creative spaces, Men Of Thrift has undeniably mastered a unique fashion perspective for the modern man.

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Meet The Team

Jonathan Mckinnon, Founder & Staff Writer

Sashana Maitland, Creative Director & Staff Writer

Rob Sauerwein, Staff Writer

Jacob Sheriff, Featured Contributor


FABSCRAP Customization Dept

Royal Vision

Press & Mentions

Hofstra University October 2018

Onalytica   March 2017

#NotSoBramble  May 2016

British GQ Magazine   October 2015

Elle Magazine UK      September 2015

Bitcoin Black Friday   November 2014

Serving Style NYC   November 2014

St. John University   November 2014

Use Bitcoins   November 2014

Quad Festival   November 2014

Temple University   November 2014

Elle Magazine UK   September 2014