How to sell on Grailed.

How to sell on Grailed.

The allure of setting up your own online boutique and selling directly to the customer is one of many attributes that attract sellers to Grailed. For the unaware, Grailed is an online consignment menswear marketplace that covers all segments of the high-end men's clothing market, across all genres, but you'll more than often come across streetwear and high-fashion. A "grail" on the other hand represents rare collaborations, limited releases, hyped pieces, and more. Great side cash can be made for sellers that have a keen eye for streetwear and high-fashion clothing, outerwear, accessories, and footwear. Most customers who browse Grailed are looking for fashionable pieces of clothing, have a general idea of clothing brand prices/worth, and are slightly different from your typical eBay, Etsy or Depop customer.

How do you actually sell menswear on Grailed?

There are many ways to make a profit on Grailed, but we're going to guide you on the easiest method of selling an item with a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.

  1. Account Creation
  2. Item Listing
  3. Pricing Strategy
  4. Picture Selection
  5. After The Listing

Account Creation

Creating an account on Grailed is easier than expected:

  1. Click on the "Login/Sign Up" tab

  2. Input your email and password, and then click on the "Sign Up" button
  3. Click "Yes" on the pop-up prompt to create an account
  4. Verify your account via the message that was sent to your email
  5. Click on the "Account" tab, and then click on "Settings" to tailor your account profile
  6. Add an avatar picture of yourself or of something that represents you

For any would be scammers,
please do heed Grailed's warning.

Item Listing

Click on the "Sell" tab and connect your PayPal Business Account. Once your PayPal Business Account is connected, you will be directed to Grailed's new listing page where you will input your item's details, market, description, payment/shipping methods, and pictures.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the correct category of where your item will be listed. If you are unsure, then browse Grailed/Google your item to see where other sellers have placed same or similar items
  2. Add a designer (or multiple designers if item is a collab) to make your it more searchable in the marketplace
  3. Add the correct size of your item by using its tagged size, not how you think it fits. Grailed lists footwear sizes in US and will list a conversion from EU sizing. Specify the tagged size of your footwear in the description if it's not of US origin
  4. Use the name field to mention your item's fabric, style, and other details
  5. Be honest with yourself and choose the correct market for your item whether it is a grail, hype, sartorial, or core piece
  6. Be personable when writing your item description and avoid writing more than a paragraph if need be. Be specific in detailing item flaws/condition, avoid giving an explanation for selling your item, and highlight the season release date or brand theme of its collection

Pricing Strategy

The pricing strategy is a continuation of listing your item, but it requires a bit more thought in how you will attract potential customers.

  1. You must know your market as in supply and demand. For example, if you heavily see the same item you're planning on selling throughout the marketplace, then it would be better to sell it among your personal group of friends/network where there is less competition
  2. Do your due diligence in researching your item's current asking pricing among competitors on Grailed, eBay, Depop, and Etsy or simply visit Grailed's sold listing to view historical prices on your item
  3. Most Grailed sellers use a highball/lowball negotiation tactic where they mark up their item to a high price and gradually decrease it by 10% manually or through the "Drop Price by 10%" button which in turn bumps their item to the top of the market feed. You should do the same in order to close the sale on your desired price
  4. Some Grailed sellers factor shipping cost into their item price because they do not want to eat into their profits if they have to do international shipping. Either look into flat rate shipping prices offered by USPS, Fedex, etc., or browse the marketplace to see what other sellers are charging for shipping
  5. Grailed charges a 6% commission fee on the listing price a seller sets for an item. This fee is typically what the marketplace charges you for using their infrastructure. In addition to that fee, PayPal payment processing tacks on an additional 2.9% + $.30
  6. "Best Offer" is the default on Grailed. Sellers wishing to give a BIN option must click the "Buy it Now" check box and input a flat shipping rate and an area (ex. "US" or "Europe") they will ship to. All buyers outside that area will send either an offer or a message asking for an appropriate shipping quote
  7. Add a PayPal address where you would like to receive payment

Click on the Grailed Calculator created by Kevin Orta displayed below to gauge Grailed/PayPal fees and your net profit dependent upon your item listing price.

Picture Selection

Picture selection of your item is just as important as the price due to you selling experience items online where the customer cannot physically touch it. Keep in mind that item pictures make or break your sale:

  1. Grailed gives you the option to upload 10 pictures, but most sellers upload no more than 5 pictures
  2. Use a stock picture of your item (make sure the whole item is visible) as the first picture because first impression means everything, especially when your item's picture is used throughout Grailed's many webpages
  3. Include your own pictures after the stock picture of your item. A good rule of thumb when taking item pictures is to use natural light (after the sun rises/late afternoon before sun sets), have a neutral color background (makes your item presentable/pop), and adjust your item so that the buyer can fully see all sides of it
  4. It's worth a try to include a fit picture of yourself or someone on the internet looking clean in the item you're selling so that buyers can visualize the item on themselves

Click the "Publish" button once you complete all the necessary steps in listing your item on Grailed.

After The Listing

Conduct all sales through Grailed, as this helps them prevent fraud and also protects you the seller.

  1. When the buyer clicks the"Purchase" button or you accept a buyer's offer/counteroffer, an invoice is automatically sent to the buyer through PayPal
  2. The buyer will usually pay you promptly, and the payment/a purchase message is sent to your PayPal account instantly
  3. Confirm the purchase message is legitimate by checking your PayPal activity for the payment as well as a matching shipping address. Once that is confirmed, you can often select a shipping method that offers tracking information directly through the PayPal activity page, print the shipping label, but you will need to supply your own box
  4. Share the tracking number with the buyer through Grailed and/or PayPal so they can stay updated on the status of the package
  5. Smile from ear to ear as you earn a point through Grailed's feedback system after completing the sale

If you have an issue with your item sale, then keep in mind that all returns/refunds are handled directly through PayPal. Open an item sale dispute via PayPal, and contact Grailed directly via to get your PayPal fees back.

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